We create the soundtrack to the celebrations of your life

Why us and who is that?

We are full-time DJ's and MC's, this is our profession and not our hobby. we consider this to be a significant distinction between us and other services, that we are fully committed to you and your celebrations.

We regularly evaluate our artists and performances to maintain the high standards we have set for ourselves. Our experience has taught us, time and time again, that while good DJ's are plenty nothing substitutes the sheer professionalism that comes from years of experience.

Do you know the adage "if it's too good to be true, it probably is", that refers to low-balling performers. they charge bottom dollar because that is how they value their services. Is that who you want to coordinate your next event?

Avail yourself of our experience, hire a support group to assist you in fulfilling your vision.

Most of our performances got their start in word-of-mouth. We believe that to be a testament to our proficiency.

Josef Schein is the owner of Danse Forté entertainment. he has been a dj since 1983 and a Master of Ceremonies since the early 90's and has performed with some of the greatest talents in the mobile DJ industry.

Josef and Danse Forté can serve your needs at your next Wedding, birthday, anniversary, Quinceañera, sweet 16 or corporate event. We are experienced in entertaining at Graduations, reunions, Holiday parties, Office Parties, Baby showers, House-warming or new home purchase new job/Career, Retirement, Christening, Going away or welcome home,

Bridal Showers, Bachelor/bachelorette, athletic events, award Banquets, special accomplishment/acknowledgement, Mother's and Father's Day, Valentine's Day and Just Because/For the fun of it get-together's.

In his own words:

"I am thankful to still be in this business I love, having seen so many forced to give it up.

I attribute my longevity to my adherence to my standards, my ethics, my ability to be versatile and do it all with a smile.

I do it because I love it and because it brings the greatest of joys, in the simplest of ways.

At Danse Forte' we are focused on providing DJ and MC services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We are members of a cooperative of DJ's that work diligently to elevate the profession and the art of it to the next level..

I oversee every single event personally, I would perform them all myself if I could. Since that is impossible, I surround myself with talented people that I trust will uphold your vision and mine."

Josef Schein aka DJ Opus Unum


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Here's some pudding

Would you agree that a professional DJ and Master of Ceremonies would be more likely to recognize talent in another professional DJ and Master of Ceremonies? Would it make sense to say that a professional DJ that is in demand by other DJ companies is a major talent?

The following are just some of the DJ companies to which we have sub contracted our services.

Tranceformotion, Music Mania Entertainment, Famous DJ Agency, Silvertunes Entertainment, MXM Entertainment, VIP DJ, DJ Party Pros, Mijo Entertainment, F&J Entertainment.

Danse Forté is proud to be the official entertainer of BWC2 and Devoted to Youth.

In keeping with our commitment to being a positive impact in our society, We've partnered with these amazing non- profit organizations that are focused on the well being of our youth and veteran communities.

Visit their websites, by clicking on the image, and please be generous with your contributions.

Pioneering alternative solutions for PTSD and Autism.

An emerging non-profit organization committed to fundraising, feeding, clothing and implementing programs and events serving at-risk youth in underserved communities through Los Angeles and surrounding cities

you want to know this!

  • we like to start the process with a consultation. free consultation
  • when you decide to contract us, we will both sign our contract.
  • we become your entertainment coordinators 24 hours / 7 days.
  • payment of retainer agreed upon during the consultation is due.
  • You will receive the 'event planner/music worksheet' form.
  • when completed and submitted, your dj/mc will contact you to begin brainstorming and planning..
  • you can make alterations or changes 'til the day of the event.

  • we will contact the location manager, or event coordinator.
  • we'll contact the videographer, photographer to coordinate.
  • we arrive at the location an hour and a half prior to start.
  • We will use professional grade equipment. details upon request.
  • we;ll provide proper lighting to suit the tone of your event.
  • we provide a cordless handheld microphone. additional available.
  • we have an ample collection of music from which you can select.
  • we will encourage you to choose your music; and a 'do not play' list.
  • you can select the style of 'performance that you prefer..
  • we will select an artist that bests fits the needs of the event.
  • our entertainer will be dressed in a suit and tie, when appropriate.
  • music plays prior to event start, during cocktail/dinner hours.
  • dj has one quick dinner break, at the same time guests eat dinner.

this list is not all inclusive. please speak to your consultant for additional options and fees.

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