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Recorded at The Vlog Pod www.vlogpod.com.au by Innovate Media www.innovatemedia.com.au

What is on these videos?

Do you really need to hire a DJ for your wedding? iPod vs Wedding DJ

Ipods are great for listening to music at home, but when it comes to your wedding reception DJ's bring the party.

How much should hiring a wedding dj cost?

......and the other questions to ask to save the wedding

How much do your services cost is the most common question a DJ gets asked. Is it because we thing all DJ's are the same?.

Do you really need to hire a videographer for your wedding?

Why would I want my wedding filmed?. Because, After the festivities are done, the only things left are your photos and your videos

How to wow your guests as you enter the wedding reception. Bridal party introductions

The average wedding MC will introduce the bridal party with simple name introductions. Why not add flair by being more descriptive?